New screenshots reveal paid storage and client support for SkyDrive

Email Twitter: @ZacB_ Feb 18th, 2012 inNews

New screenshots have leaked onto the web today revealing support for paid storage for SkyDrive, as well as desktop client support for Windows and Mac. Users have been screaming for a desktop client since the service began, will they be getting what they have been asking for?

New screenshots from leaked onto the web today revealing a new set of storage upgrade and desktop client support for SkyDrive. These images arrive just in time for the Windows 8 consumer preview, which is set to launch at the end of February.

One of the images includes a banner which shows support for desktop clients for both Mac and PC. Users have been calling out for this since the service launched.

The next image reveals pricing options for upgradable storage, the pricing is very competitive, offering almost half the price of what Dropbox offers at the same amount of storage.

We cannot confirm the legitimacy of these images, so take them with a grain of salt.

Microsoft is hard at work on transitioning to an all cloud experience, with Windows Phone, Windows 8 and other products slowly transitioning to the cloud, SkyDrive will play a big part for users when it comes to cloud support.

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