New report suggests Windows 8 Public Beta due in February 2012

Sources close to Microsoft have reportedly told The Next Web that a beta of Windows 8 is to be expected next February. With original thoughts of a RTM version in June, releasing a beta in February, then releasing to RTM sounds a bit optimistic.

The Next Web are reportedly being confronted with sources close to Microsoft about a release date for a beta of Windows 8. The sources informed The Next Web, stating that a beta of Microsoft’s next operating system should be released in February of 2012.

If these rumours are true, then recent thoughts of Windows 8 following Windows 7 release schedule could be wrong. Original thoughts expected Windows 8 to follow Windows 7 in it’s release cycle. Releasing a Windows 8 beta would give Microsoft little time to polish the OS before RTM.

Most thought a beta would be released at CES 2012 in January, which would give Microsoft more time to polish the operating system before a release candidate.

Windows 8 is expected for a release date in 2012, an exact release date is currently unknown.

It is safe to bet that the next legitimate build of Windows 8 will be released in the early part of 2012, with an RC expected a few months later.

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