New puzzle-RPG from Gameloft 'Battle Odyssey' launches on Windows and Windows Phone

Brad Stephenson

New puzzle-RPG, Battle Odyssey launches on Windows and Windows Phone

Gameloft has launched a new game on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone called Battle Odyssey. Set in the magical realm of Pondera (totally not at all inspired by Avatar’s Pandora or World of Warcraft’s Pandaria) and using an admittedly fresh anime-inspired 2D art style, Battle Odyssey invites the player to save the land which has been corrupted by evil forces through the use of elemental forces and character collecting.

The free-to-play game features gameplay similar to popular puzzle games like Bejeweled and Tap Tiles but incorporates Japanese roleplaying game elements such as character classes, leveling systems, power-ups and a ridiculously large cast of characters (over 500!) to help set it apart. There are also online real-time battles and leaderboards though while the game is a Universal app (i.e. buy it once, download for free on other Windows devices) it unfortunately lacks Xbox Live support which means no cross-save between devices, no Xbox Friends integration and no Xbox Achievements. Gameloft have added Xbox Live features to some of their other games in the past though so that functionality could always be added at a later date. Fingers crossed.

Which puzzle games are you playing right now on Windows and Windows Phone? Personally, I’m a big Tap Tiles fan. Share your favorites with the community in the comments below.