New Photos Companion app for iOS and Android is in the works

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Microsoft is developing a new Photos Companion app for iOS and Android devices that should make it easier to transfer photos from your phone to a Windows 10 PC. The new app was discovered by Italian blog Aggiornamenti Lumia (via The Verge,) and just like Microsoft Edge, it should be available in preview on iOS and Android pretty soon.

Unlike the existing OneDrive mobile app, which uses Microsoft’s cloud service to transfer pictures to your Windows 10 PC, the new Photos Companion app will use WiFi to wirelessly transfer photos from a phone to a PC connected to the same WiFi network. As its names suggests, this looks to be just a companion to the Windows 10 Photos app, and not a true port of the latter on iOS and Android.

Additionally, Aggiornamenti Lumia discovered upcoming improvements for Story Remix in the Windows 10 Photos app including additional premium content (effects, themes, and music that will require an Office 365 subscription,) stickers for photos and videos and more.

New photos companion app for ios and android is in the works - onmsft. Com - november 29, 2017
Stickers are coming to story remix in the windows 10 photos app (credit: aggiornamenti lumia).

Overall, the upcoming release of the Photos Companion app is the latest sign of Microsoft's increased focus on iOS and Android users. It's nice to give these users another way to transfer photos to a Windows 10 PC, but like we said, this won't be a true Photos app from Microsoft. This is quite unfortunate, especially when you remember that its competitor Google has an excellent AI-powered, Google Drive-integrated Photos app for both iOS and Android devices.

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