New NXOE build hitting Xbox Ones later tonight

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Xbox’s Mike Ybarra has just tweeted that a new NXOE will be going live tonight. NXOE, or New Xbox One Experience, is Microsoft’s way of testing new Xbox One features with special Preview Program members before rolling them out to the general audience.
Right now the version of the Xbox One dashboard that Preview Program members have on their consoles is significantly different than the average consumer as they’re experiencing the completely revamped Windows 10-style dashboard which has a completely new look and new features while most Xbox One owners are still on the Windows 8 tile-based dashboard design the console has had since it launched.
Few details have been revealed about the update coming tonight but it’s safe to assume that there will be numerous stability improvements. Several users recently discovered that Cortana is fully functional in the current NXOE on Preview Program members’ Xbox Ones, though deliberately hidden from the user. The update tonight could properly add Cortana to the dashboard but that’s purely speculation on our part. It would be strange if Microsoft ignored the fact that so many users are already using her.
Previous features recently added to the NXOE include party text chat, a streamlined Game DVR experience, new animated avatars, updated menus, new settings in the Guide, a newly designed keyboard, as well as a new look for system notifications and a whole host of smaller design tweaks.
Like the Windows 10 Insiders Program that tested the operating system well before its public launch a few months ago, this Preview Program version of the Xbox One Windows 10-based operating system will roll out to the public once the majority of bugs have been squashed and overall usability has reached a level Microsoft is happy with. No release date has been revealed yet though Microsoft has stated that Windows 10 would come to Xbox One sometime in November 2015. This could always change however.
What feature are you more excited for in the new-look Xbox One dashboard? Let us know in the comments below.

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