New music app for Windows 8 images leak

There hasn’t been much talk of a new Media Player in Windows 8, it was almost certain that Microsoft were going to release a Metro type Media Player in Windows 8, and today, new images have leaked showing off what the new Media Player looks like.

The images come from, known for it’s leaking of Windows 8 images. The images show a new Metro app, which has been named Music beta, and is simply a music player in immersive UI.

It isn’t clear is this app is the new Media Player that has been included with Windows for years, or just an application from the Windows App Store.

The main menu:

Shell intergration:

We are expecting WinUnleaked to post more leaked images of Windows 8 before a beta is launched. WinUnleaked will be talking about ReFS, touchscreen keyboard and more in the coming weeks.

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