New Mozilla Firefox 5 features revealed

Looks like we are slowly getting some new details about the next version of Firefox. From what its reported, the next version of Firefox will receive significant UI changes, make Firefox more social, and adopt several features that are already working well in Google's Chrome browser.

As ConceivablyTech reports, the Firefox UX planning pages are revealing nine different feature that are planned for Firefox 5.

The next version of Firefox will feature a tab multi-select and a new tab page. Add-ons will get a standardized toolbar support. Firefox will now have a file upload indicator. Instead of a home button, Firefox will have a "Home app tab." Firefox will also have an integrated PDF viewer and will eventually support formats like MP3. Firefox will have taskbar web apps. Basically, tabs will have their own context menus while websites will act like "apps." Firefox will also feature an integrated identity manager with multiple sign-ons at the same time. Firefox will also allow you to "share" websites directly from your URL bar to social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. You will not need to click the "Like" button anymore.

Stay tuned as we keep you posted on any late breaking details about the next version of Firefox.

Firefox 5 is currently published as Firefox 4.2apre and the anticipated release date of the final is around June 29. Firefox 4, which recently launched, has been downloaded nearly 7 million times in the 24 hour period of its launch.

Here are a few screenshots:

An early version of the home tab

Firefox 5 Site Specific Browser Mockup

Firefox 5

Firefox 5
These images come from ConceivablyTech.

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