New MMO Skyforge coming to Xbox One in November 2017

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Skyforge is a new Action MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) coming to Xbox One sometime in November 2017. In Skyforge, your role is the guardian of your home planet of Aelion. You must protect Aelion and its people from the relentless onslaught of enemies hell-bent on annihilating your people and destroying Aelion. Take a look at the Skyforge reveal trailer below.

While Skyforge will be available to play for free on Xbox One, starting November 10, 2017, there are also special content packs available for purchase to get a head-start on building up your defenses and upgrading your arsenal. Currently, there are three “Founder” packs available for purchase for Skyforge, all include early access to Skyforge and a trial period of the Skyforge Premium Subscription, allowing you to special increases your rewards for finishing missions and provides other useful bonuses.

Here are the three Skyforge Founder Packs: Standard Founder Pack ($14.99), and Deluxe Founder Pack ($29.99).
Here’s all the items included in the highest-priced Skyforge Gold Founder Pack ($79.99):

Early Access to Skyforge
Berserker Class Unlock
Gunner Class Unlock
Exclusive Glider mount
40,000 argents (in-game cash)
60 days of Premium Subscription

As noted by the game developer, Skyforge Early Access begins on November 10, 2017. Download Skyforge for Xbox One today.

Developer: MY.GAMES
Price: Free
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