New Minecraft book showcases beautiful creations using millions or billions of blocks

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Minecraft has been the outlet of many creative minds whether by building large-scale creations or writing fiction about the world itself. Now, Polygon has discovered another hardcover adding itself to the list of titles.

Beautiful Minecraft is the most recent fan-made publication of Mojang's sandbox and this one is stunning. It includes 112 pages of impressive creations photographed inside of the popular sandbox game, and all it took was billions of blocks.

The description reads:

Beautiful Minecraft is a compendium of stunning artwork built in Minecraft. Using millions of blocks and spending hundreds of hours, these artists have created floating steampunk cities, alien worlds, detailed classical sculptures, fantastical landscapes, architectural marvels, and more.

Each page includes the title, year of completion, creator's name (or how many builders contributed), how many blocks the build includes, and how many days the creation took to complete.

The author, James Delaney, is the managing director of BlockWorks. The organization is a team of architects, artists, and designers that build maps in Minecraft. Many of their builds have been showcased in museums and galleries while still maintaining a close connection with the social community surrounding the game. With that kind of talent, it's not surprising that quite a few of the team's creations have made it into Delany's new book.

Beautiful Minecraft by James Delaney can be purchased as a hardcover for $19.95 or digitally as $15.95 from No Starch Press.

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