New migration software will move files and settings from Windows 7 to Windows 8

Laplink Software, the guys famous for their PCmover migration product, have come up with a new software tool that will automatically move files, settings, user accounts, applications, and more from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

“Here at Laplink, we use PCmover to facilitate testing Windows 8. PCmover enables us to automatically provision several different Windows 8 virtual machines complete with a unique arrangement of development tools, debug software, SDKs, and environmental variables. Then, after PCmover sets up the VMs, we create snapshots of each so we can restore to that particular state as needed,” Laplink CTO Jack Wilson stated.

The software is called “PCmover Windows 8 Beta Assistant” and is compatible with the Windows 8 Developer Preview as well as the upcoming Windows 8 Beta and Release Candidate.

“You want to have it downloaded and ready to use before you set up a Windows 8 environment, not a week or two afterwards. That’s why we encourage everyone to download PCmover Windows 8 Beta Assistant right away,” Laplink stated.

PCmover Windows 8 Beta Assistant can be download on Laplink’s website and can be used to perform an unlimited number of migrations at no charge prior to July 2012.

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