New Microsoft YouTube videos highlight Remix 3D, Paint 3D -
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New Microsoft YouTube videos highlight Remix 3D, Paint 3D

When Paint 3D was initially announced a while back, it seemed like it was going to be bigger than Microsoft actually made it. The app didn't have all that much out there making it known to the public, despite being one of the coolest additions in the Creators Update. With the latest series of 8 videos from the Windows YouTube channel, we've got a new look at just how cool the new app can be.

Here's a playlist with every one of the videos, if you want to check them out:

The videos cover almost everything you'll need to get started working with Paint 3D, from a basic introduction, to doodling, to some of the details regarding 3D modeling in Paint. Considering the whole draw of the program is that it makes 3D modeling simple, there isn't all that much information to take in - but it's still a cool series of videos, and they successfully show off just how interesting Paint 3D has the potential to be. As well as Paint 3D, the videos provide information on using Remix 3D, including uploading models and using boards, making it easy to share the 3D work created in Paint 3D.

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