New Microsoft video shows that students love using digital ink

Michael Cottuli

Many students today may feel like the era of pen and paper has come and gone, and they may be right. The dominance of laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and other devices have all but eliminated the use of handwriting in many classroom settings. Microsoft, while obviously supporting the digital revolution that transpired over the past few years, thinks that we should try and bring back the soul of handwriting – albeit with a little bit of help from technology. In a new video, Microsoft encourages students to start thinking with ink.

The video is an endearing series of interviews with kids who’ve heard stories about the ancient times in which students would need to write down their notes with pencil and paper, and talks a bit about how handwriting is still useful. This – as you might have guessed – is aimed at promoting Windows Ink, which lets you enjoy the full handwriting experience while still being able to keep your notes in a familiar and simple digital format. Hopefully, with the help of Windows Ink, more and more students will be able to get back into handwriting and benefit from all of its advantages.