New Microsoft video feature shows HoloLens capture in action

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In an absolute sense, HoloLens is likely the most exciting product that has ever emerged from Microsoft. More than the overgrown briefcase that was the Xbox, even more than the first version of Excel, the HoloLens has the potential to capture the attention of the general public, as well as tech enthusiasts.

Eager to continue this slew of positive coverage that its oddest product has received, Redmond has released a video, posted by GDGT Arena, revealing in greater detail the process that goes into the capture of holographic images. And to put it mildly, it is a little mind-boggling.

To start with, the subjects are placed in an enormous green area, surrounded by RGB and infrared cameras, with there being a total of 106 overall. These then map the subjects and their movements in extraordinarily fine detail, capturing every small movement. The objects given for this test are two dancers, performing a traditional Maori Haka dance, with a lot of thigh-slapping, face pulling and general chanting.

Starting with a general 3D model of the subjects, the footage is processed through several stages, removing shadows and yet preserving a great deal of detail. The final result is, quite simply, astounding, and will likely prove to be even more so when viewed through the proper equipment. Whether capturing breakdancers or a sloth, very little seems to faze this rig.

It seems that with the HoloLens, Microsoft has cottoned on to the fact that it has quite a winner on its hands, something different and exciting when the consumer technology market is only becoming more homogenous and even a little boring. As adoption continues to spread among various industries, and as partnerships with the likes of Disney begin to bear fruit, expect to hear a lot more exciting news regarding the HoloLens over the course of the year.

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