New Microsoft ad shows why the Surface is the best tablet for the NFL

Staff Writer

Surface NFL Commercial

Maybe relying on the NFL to market the Surface itself wasn’t the best idea Microsoft has had – especially with the whole “iPad” fiasco. However, with a new commercial, Microsoft has taken showing exactly how the Surface is used by the NFL teams and players into its own hands.

The commercial features Microsoft’s home team, the Seattle Seahawks, to show the Surface being used in multiple ways. It starts by aiding a coach draw on the Surface to help quarterback Russell Wilson optimize a play with his receiver. It goes on to show a coach using the Surface to show and highlight parts of the game tape while players use it to take notes.

The commercial also focuses on the strong points of the tablet, such as the multi-tasking and pen support. It ends with a coach using it – in the rain – on game day to run through a play on the sideline that leads to a Seattle touchdown.

I personally liked how Microsoft showed the different ways the Surface is (can be) used. You have everything from game tape, using the stylus to add notes, and research to music and personal use by players. It highlights that this tablet is something that will be useful in every scenario again and again, and will appeal to those of us watching on the couch as well as NFL coaches and players. Now, Microsoft just has to get the cut of the 2 minute video that will likely be shown on game day right.