New Microsoft Edge Dev Channel update enables new context menus for PDFs by default

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft Edge Dev

As on time with the Tuesday or Wednesday release schedule, a new Microsoft Edge Dev Channel update is here. This latest update is bumping Edge Dev up to version 90.0.803.0. Not much has changed, but it does enable new context menus for PDFs by default. Here’s a look at what you need to know.

First off, new features. Microsoft added the ability to customize keyboard shortcuts in the F12 Dev Tools. They also added support for showing the friendly name of a certificate when viewing its details in the Windows certificate viewer. In addition, you’ll find that this release enables support for the management policy to control Print Rasterization Mode from Chromium.

That explained, time for improved reliability and changed behaviors. Microsoft fixed an issue where using the Web Widget in Guest windows sometimes crashes the browser. They also fixed an issue where tabs sometimes are blank or frozen after being left alone for a while. Have a look below for everything else.

  • Fixed a crash on launch.
  • Fixed a crash when closing a tab.
  • Fixed a crash when Sharing something.
  • Fixed a crash when typing into the address bar.
  • Fixed a crash when using speech recognition on Google websites.
  • Fixed an issue where filtering cookies on edge://settings/siteData fails.
  • Fixed an issue where Edge tabs sometimes don’t appear in the Windows Alt+Tab list when expected.
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to Modify Edge’s installation from Windows’ list of installed programs does nothing.
  • Fixed an issue where opening Edge via a Taskbar shortcut sometimes results in a window that isn’t associated with that shortcut.
  • Fixed an issue where searching to type in the History or Favorites flyout sometimes stops working while typing.
  • Fixed an issue where opening an Edge window by clicking on a website’s notification results in the window not being associated with existing Taskbar shortcuts.
  • Fixed an issue where newly-installed PWA or websites sometimes get pinned to the Start menu or Taskbar unexpectedly.
  • Fixed an issue where Single Sign-On doesn’t work for some work/school users.
  • Fixed an issue where pasting into a text note in Collections sometimes fails.
  • Fixed an issue where dropdowns on webpages sometimes prevent users from interacting with other items on the page.
  • Fixed an issue where interactions with the Password Monitor popup don’t work.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong context menu sometimes appears in the Collections flyout.
  • Fixed an issue where entering fullscreen turns off vertical tabs after exiting fullscreen.
  • Fixed an issue where search suggestions sometimes don’t appear in the Web Widget.
  • Fixed an issue where the Web Widget sometimes goes blank or black, but links can still be clicked.
  • Fixed an issue where Password Monitor scans never appear to finish.
  • Fixed an issue where the management policy to configure Restore On Start Up URLs sometimes doesn’t work properly when configured as “recommended”.
  • Removed the ability to pin a website to the Taskbar from the edge://apps context menu.

That’s all for this week, as the known issues are the same as they have been in the past. As a reminder, they include extensions not working on Linux, ad blocking extensions messing with YouTube, tabs crashing with an error, duplicated favorites, and wobbling when scrolling. There’s also the issue where the Kaspersky Internet suite extension might cause Gmail to fail to load.