New Microsoft Edge Dev Channel build ( brings new features and fixes

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft Edge & Bing on Surface Pro

Build has now rolled out to all Edge Insiders on the Dev channel. This latest test build features the addition of a few new smaller features such as “Add to dictionary,” “Save as,” and “Copy download link” functions in addition to a variety of bug fixes.

Here’s the full release notes:

New features and improvements:

  • Added a “Copy download link” option to the menu for a downloaded item
  • The context menu for a canceled download no longer shows a list of disabled items, and instead shows only “Copy download link”
  • Added a “Save as” option to the toolbar in the PDF viewer
  • The “Add to dictionary” context menu option for a misspelled word now has an icon
  • For quick links on the new tab page, if there is no site icon available we now show an icon created from the first letter of the site
  • Increased the size of some text on the user profile flyout for readability
  • When a tab is at minimum width and only shows the close button, that close button is now centered in the tab
  • In the Apps submenu, an option now reads “Install this site as an app” instead of showing a really long menu item name that contained the title of the current site
  • When using the keyboard to move through tabs, you can now press enter and not just space to switch tab

Bug fixes:

  • The send feedback dialog no longer spellchecks URLs and email addresses
  • Fixed a bug where Microsoft Edge may crash after it was accessed through a remote desktop session
  • Fixed a crash when navigating back to history search results
  • Fixed a crash related to tooltips that would occur in a number of different scenarios
  • Fixed a visual formatting problem with the warning about a dangerous file download
  • Fixed a bug in the DevTools Performance tab where the checkboxes in the event log viewer overlapped with the content of the adjacent pane
  • New tab page settings no longer show up in settings search
  • Fixed a bug with tree views (such as the one seen when adding a new favorites folder) were showing black-on-dark-grey icons in dark theme
  • The icon for the new tab page is no longer black on dark grey in dark mode

Edge Insiders are Microsoft enthusiasts who volunteer to test early versions of the new, upcoming Microsoft Edge browser. The Dev channel is a selection of these users who are given a new build to test once a week. The Dev channel builds are typically stable and also feature a lot of the latest features currently being created by the developers. You can read all about last week’s Dev channel update here.

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