New Microsoft Digital Gift Card app allows users to send presents to one another

Have you ever been on the go, pursuing an elusive must-have toy or hygiene kit through throngs of discontented shoppers tearing one another to shreds over gaudy trinkets and baubles, only to find that the store is out of stock. Has that therefore not only ruined your Christmas, but that of your family, friends and significant other? Microsoft has heard your pain and don’t worry, it has you covered.

digital gift cards screenshots

With the new Digital Gift Cards app from Redmond, users can now create personalized messages with credit for the Windows Phone or Xbox store attached, which the recipient can then redeem on the item of their choice, with apps, music, movies and games on offer. Gifts can be pre-scheduled to be sent on a specific date, allowing the user a great deal of flexibility in how they give their present.

Sending a gift is as simple as entering the app and selecting a person from your contacts list. Moreover, there is no expiration date on credit given, meaning no rush for the end recipient. The app is themed around various holidays and events, giving it a year-round relevancy. In all, this is a nice offering from Microsoft. You can snag the app from the download link below. 

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