New Microsoft "confidential project" job listing involves UEFI and Windows Phone

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Windows Phone

Microsoft has listed a new job posting for a "confidential project" involving the company's Windows Phone platform and UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface). For those that didnt know, Windows Phone 8 boots securely thanks to UEFI support.

Now the question is, what exactly does Microsoft have up its sleeve with UEFI and Windows Phone, considering that this project is labeled as confidential? Perhaps something to do with backups, recover, boot times, or cloud integration. Here is the job description:

"The Windows Phone team is looking for an energetic Senior Software Design Engineer in Test to expand our engineering team. This is a great opportunity to get in and help shape the next version of windows Phone. This is a senior level position for someone who can take on the challenge of working with a strong team of SDETs and leads. Qualified candidates will possess a strong passion for customer focused testing and the ability to analyze and strategize test efforts. Candidates should be ready to tackle tough test automation projects involving integrating and synchronizing tests across multiple teams and divisions. Ability to maintain a strong working relationship with everyone and perform consistently at the absolute highest quality standards of work is a must. The role will expose you to multiple subsystems across Windows Phone and requires an ability to ramp to new hardware and software technologies quickly." If you are interested in applying and want more information, take a look at the job listing here.

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