New Messaging app features coming in Lumia Denim detailed

Sean Cameron

Windows Phone

As the last big software release to hit Windows Phone before the introduction of Windows 10, Lumia Denim, has understandably garnered a great deal of press attention. Bringing with it a bevy of new features and capabilities for the end user, this attention is well deserved.

Alongside the much vaunted improvements made to Lumia Camera and the new Live folders, one smaller enhancement is being made that will likely have as big an impact on users lives: the Messaging app is being updated. Ease of sharing is core to the Windows Phone experience, as such, improvements made to the Messaging app are of particular consequence to the platform.


Lumia Denim will allow users to select multiple text messages for forwarding or deletion, simplifying the whole experience for users and making sharing easier. Much as with selecting multiple photos for sharing, users need only hold their finger on the message that they wish to send, check boxes will then appear, which can be selected individually, allowing the user to create a batch. To send the message batch, users must then select the ‘+’ icon, which will then create a new text with all those selected, ready to send. To delete the batch, just tap the bin icon, just as with the rest of the OS.

Though this is just one small improvement, it is an example of how Windows Phone is evolving as a platform, becoming more user friendly as a result. Whether the new improvements made by Denim will provide any converts is yet to be seen, what is sure is that Windows Phone users are receiving some much needed love after months of relative silence from Redmond.

Have you received the Lumia Denim update on your device? Will you be making use of this new feature? Let us know in the comments below.