New leaked Windows 8 images show of new Touch Keyboard feature

Email Twitter: @ZacB_ Dec 19th, 2011 inNews

New images of Microsoft’s next operating system have hit the web showing a new feature for the touch keyboard within Windows 8. The new feature allows you to resize the keyboard within split more, which is very convenient for those who prefer the split keyboard., known for its close and reliable sources on Windows 8, has today leaked more screenshots and information regarding a new feature for the touchscreen keyboard within Windows 8. Currently, it is impossible to resize the keyboard while in split mode, the beta changes this.

The images above show you the new function, unlike the current Windows Developer Preview which does not include this useful function:

Microsoft is hard at work on Windows 8, with a beta expected in February, the company is beginning to load its app store with apps and is almost ready to sign-off the beta of Windows 8.

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