Leaked Windows 8 image claims build 8220 is the Consumer Preview candidate

Email Twitter: @ZacB_ Feb 3rd, 2012 inNews

A new image of Windows 8 has leaked onto the web today, revealing that build 8220 will be candidate Beta build for Windows 8. The image also reveals that the Beta will be called the Consumer Preview.

A new screenshot of Windows 8 has been leaked on PCbeta.com, the image reveals some exciting details about the Windows 8 Beta, such as its candidate build number and name.

Now, this is a screenshot from an unreliable source, so there is a chance that this image is fake. Please take what you see with a grain of salt.

The image apparently confirms recent rumors that the Windows 8 Beta may have the build number 8220, and will be called the Consumer Preview instead of Beta.

A user by the name of Canouna on the My Digital Life forums has also revealed a some more details about the image, stating that the taskbar can act like a “dock” that you can make appear on the start screen when using the charm bar.

Does this mean that Windows 8 is close to another leak? It appears that the build is outside of Microsoft walls, so anything is possible from here on out.

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