New leaked Microsoft branded panel of Lumia handset confirms that the company is ditching Nokia moniker


New Microsoft branded panels of Lumia handsets confirm that the company is ditching Nokia moniker

Earlier we learned that Microsoft is planning to drop Nokia branding from its forthcoming Windows Phone handsets. In addition, the company was also said to reduce the “Windows Phone” moniker to just “Windows”. Now new leaked images of the supposed upcoming Lumia devices have surfaced onto the web, confirming the story, and giving us a sneak peek at what these handsets could look like. 

The panel in the photos show that the next Windows Phone handsets shipping from the company will carry “Microsoft” brand on the top, instead of Nokia. The company had licensed the rights to use the Nokia brand until November 25, 2015, but it seems Microsoft wants it gone a lot sooner. 

And it’s been pretty evident too. The company no longer mentions Nokia in its promotions and marketing. Furthermore, several of Nokia’s regional websites now redirect you to

The panel in the photos suggest that the handset could be the successor to Lumia 1320, or the Lumia 1520. Though at this point we can’t confirm if that’s indeed the case.