Killer Instinct: New character, Hisako, to arrive this week

Email Twitter: @shuttlecock Mar 26th, 2015 inNews

Breaking with tradition, Hisako may arrive without a trailer beforehand

In a departure from the usual pattern of releasing a teaser trailer a week before the launch of a new character, Killer Instinct’s newest addition, Hisako, has been confirmed to be debuting on the Xbox One fighting game this week regardless of no teaser the week before.

Microsoft’s creative director, Adam Isgreen, tweeted earlier today, “Cinder is lookin’ good — almost where we want him — Hisako update is arriving THIS WEEK trailer or not beforehand.”

Cinder, of course, is the fan favorite fiery fighter from the original Killer Instinct on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and is speculated to arrive sporting his new modern look along with the totally new character, ARIA sometime in April though no date has been confirmed.

In addition to Hisako, this week’s Killer Instinct update will also include the retro skins for Riptor, the usual character balance fixes and premium accessories for last month’s new character, Aganos.

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