New Instagram algorithm will shuffle the ‘best’ post to the top and is rolling out soon

When it comes to features and updates to apps in the Windows ecosystem, many users are left waiting and longing for developer parity. Fortunately, development of the new Instagram app for Windows 10 Mobile has shortened that waiting period.

Instagram announced today an algorithm update to its service that should reach all users at roughly the same time giving some Windows 10 Mobile users the coveted feature parity many have sought for years. Now, whether or not the algorithm ends up being a good or bad thing for end users has yet to be determined, but according to Instagram developers, they’ve been testing it for some time now on select users with little to no complaints.

Over the past few months, we brought this new way of ordering posts to a portion of the community, and we found that people are liking photos more, commenting more and generally engaging with the community in a more active way.

With this new ordering, you won’t miss your favorite band’s video after the concert, even if it took place across the world in a different time zone. And no matter how many accounts you follow, you should see your best friend’s latest posts.

Again, being a simple algorithm update, Windows 10 Mobile users should expect to receive and possibly complain about the change alongside their Android and iOS brethren around the same time.

Let us know if you notice any difference in posts over the weekend.

Developer: Instagram
Price: Free
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