New in Gaming: Game Pass to add owned games, demos

Robert Collins

Xbox Game Pass

As Game Pass continues to evolve, it is exciting to see what new features and benefits are being added as Microsoft continues to hone the best service in gaming.

The team at Xbox has announced that later this year they intend to roll out a feature that allows Game Pass Ultimate members to add owned games to their Game Pass library, with the purpose of allowing them to play select purchased games from the cloud.

Also headed to Game Pass is a program currently known as Project Moorcroft, which promises to “bring the fun and discovery of playing new, curated demos of upcoming games to Xbox Game Pass members.” The program will start rolling out sometime this year, and will focus on giving independent developers the opportunity to garner exposure and excitement for their games to Xbox audiences, as well as gather data about how their games perform for real gamers.

This is all exciting stuff, and if there wasn’t already enough reason to join the 25 million Game Pass subscribers, it looks like there is about to be more as these promising new perks begin to roll out later in the year. You can learn more about Game Pass here.