New and improved UI and Insights coming to Microsoft Health app

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If you're a Microsoft Health user, particularly if you own a Band or Band 2, then you likely find yourself using the Health app on a daily or more frequent basis. According to Windows Central, the Health app on Windows 10 for PC and mobiles is getting a revamp soon, along with a new feature.

The UI changes appear to be aimed at making navigation quicker, by adding a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen with Home, Profile, Insights, and Social buttons. According to WC's sources, both PCs and mobile devices will be getting the changes.

Windows 10 mobile health app updates
Windows 10 mobile health app updates (source: windows central).
Windows 10 health app updates.
Windows 10 health app updates (source: windows central).

The new feature appears to be "Insights," which looks like it will pull together data from Cortana and Band devices. Apparently, the Insights feature will be customized per user, likely based on their unique data combined with Health's backend intelligence. WC notes that the Insights feature isn't working quite yet, and so we'll have to wait until its release to see how it impacts our ability to stay healthy.

We're all for continuous improvements to the Health app and platform hope to see these same updates make their way across platforms. The more people that use Microsoft's fitness solutions, the more likely the company will be to continue improving their devices and health intelligence. And that's good for everyone.

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