New Halo toys on the way as 343 Industries and Mattel sign licensing agreement

Halo has come a pretty long way, when it comes to expanding out of the realm of video games. Even when Bungie finished off the original trilogy with Halo 3, at a time where nobody could argue the relevance of the franchise in media, Halo fans still didn’t really have all of the goodies that they wanted. Fast forward to the days of 343 Industries and Halo 5: Guardians, and all of that has changed. Multiple live-action mini series and animated films, countless action figures, and even life-size replicas of all of your favorite Halo weapons have all hit their respective store shelves.

If you still don’t think there’s enough nifty Halo merchandise out there, then the latest activity in 343 Industries should have you buzzing. The company just signed a Master Licensing agreement with Mattel, the popular toy company. The licensing agreement is going to be bringing us a massive amount of new toys, ranging from weapons to remote controlled vehicles.

Halo Mega Bloks UNSC Vehicle

There are tons of pretty high quality toys. Even some of the smaller, less expensive figures all feature highly detailed armor that Halo fans should appreciate. It also helps that there are some good-looking Sangheili figures, instead of just humans. The radio controlled vehicles all look pretty great as well, and some of them even have some missile-firing capabilities if you want to play around with some of the more interesting variations on a Halo classic.

Here to excite even the most jaded Halo fans, however, are the toy weapons that are coming out of this deal. We’ll be getting the iconic MA5 Blaster, along with the Brute Spiker that you’ll be running into quite a bit when Halo Wars 2 finally comes out. The most notable of all, however, is the Sangheili energy sword that’s coming out. Not only is it, well, a Sangheili energy sword, but it also comes with motion-activates sound effects and light effects, made to put the most flourish possible on everyone’s wild sword-swinging.

Halo Mattel Energy Sword

All of these toys look pretty incredible, and Halo fans both old and new are going to have a hard time keeping their credit cards at bay when these all come out this Fall. If you want to look at the full list, feel free to peruse it right here, and drool over the nifty new gadgets that 343 Industries and Mattel are bringing out later this year.

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