New Halo novel, The Rubicon Protocol, releases in August as a prequel to Halo Infinite

Robert Collins

The latest literary adaptation of the Halo sci-fi video game franchise is set to release on August 9. Subtitled “The Rubicon Protocol,” the new Halo novel comes to us from author Kelly Gay, who also penned the previous three Halo novels. Gay is also known for her Charlie Madigan urban fantasy series.

The Rubicon Protocol will join a long list of prior Halo novels. The series started with Halo: The Fall of Reach back in 2001 and spans 20 works altogether at present, both canon and non-canon. Apparently, the new book will serve as a narrative prequel to the events in Halo Infinite. A preview is available right now (the first of three) over on the Halo Waypoint blog.

According to the blog post, The Rubicon Protocol “further explores some of the events in those six months before the Master Chief was reawakened, and the game’s campaign begins.”

Halo: The Rubicon Protocol will be available from Simon & Shuster in trade paperback, ebook, and unabridged audiobook formats when it releases on August 9.

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