New Halo API opens Halo 5: Guardians player stats to developers

What can you do if you know exactly how many times you've died in a Halo match? 343 seems to be interested in the answer, as they announce support for a public stats API for the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians.
The Halo API, currently in Open Beta, will allow anyone to compile web and apps using player stats taken from the game, giving developers the ability to "craft their own statistical stories". Supported statistics include Service Record, Match History and Carnage Report.
The experience is already set for support on the official Halo Waypoint and Halo Channel, and now 343 Industries is bringing the opportunity to create to the community. The studio is already working closely with professional and community organizations including ESL, MLG, Halo Charts, Halo Tracker and more to ensure the experience will be ready for Halo 5: Guardians' launch later this month. The API will definitely be a boon to the competitive Halo experience, and the franchise's track record as a pioneer of eSport.

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