New Halo 4 multiplayer details released, how will the campaign tie into multiplayer?

It’s been a question ever since 343 announced they had plans on doing it, how does the campaign tie into multiplayer in Halo 4? Well, today the game developer released a brand new video explaining how the campaign is linked to the multiplayer experience in Halo 4.

The online experience in Halo 4 will start at the UNSC Infinity, a ship that took over 2 decades to build and is over 3 miles long. The story of the UNSC Infinity begins in Halo 4’s campaign, so far we’ve seen it crash land into an unknown habitat. The Master Cheif and Cortana are out to find the lost ship.

The video continues, saying that it’s story will continue in multiplayer. The UNSC Infinity is your home to online, it allows you to start simulations (multiplayer games) and customize your Spartan. War Games is where your Spartan will compete against other spartans on the Infinity simulations.

Spartan Ops is a brand new feature to Halo that offer campaign like episodic missions. These will be released once a week, and each episode will include 5 missions. You can play with friends too! This will bring the story of the Halo universe to a whole new level. The Spartan Ops is practically free weekly DLC for those who want it straight.

Everything you do on the UNSC Infinity will directly impact you and your Spartan career. The video ends saying that your choices, affect the campaign, the Infinity, the multiplayer and the very fate of the galaxy. No pressure then.

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