New Guitar Hero may be announced tomorrow as hinted at by a new video

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Guitar Hero

South Park taught us that “real guitars are for old people.” Time has taught us that fake video game guitars may be a thing of the past as well but Activision is trying to change that. After a number of previous hints about the return of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, the makers of Guitar Hero have released a video that hints at a possible reentry of one of the biggest hits of this millennium.

The puzzle pieces have been put together by various news outlets including a summation by Venturebeat, but the consensus is that a new version of Guitar Hero will likely be unveiled at an event on 14 April 2015. There were event invitations sent out for a fictional music festival called "Sound Dial" featuring fictional bands Broken Tide, Blackout Conspiracy, Portland Cloud Orchestra, and more. The event invites closed with the line “It’s about to get real.”

There aren’t a lot of official details out at the moment but there seems to be enough evidence to expect a major announcement tomorrow from Activision.

At its peak, Guitar Hero brought in $1.4 billion per year and its rival Rock Band, who also has a game on the horizon, was extremely popular as well. After being a must have at any party, video game bands went the way of Dance Dance Revolution. We’ll have to wait to see if the Guitar Hero Reboot can revitalize video game bands.

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