New game titles for Windows 8 revealed during GDC 2013, including Bejeweled

Windows 8

During the 2013 Game Developer Conference this week, several new game titles for Windows 8 were announced and will be coming soon to the Windows Store. One of the games includes the popular title Bejeweled.

Bejeweled, by PopCap games, will run for $4.99, and features three game modes such as Classic Bejeweled for cascades of puzzle fun, Diamond Mine for a jeweled gem-blasting challenge or save butterflies from a hungry spider. There is also Bejeweled LIVE that utilizes Live Tiles in Windows 8 to showcase status updates. This game is not yet available for download.

Samurai vs. Zombies is another game announced during GDC 2013 and is a free game available now in the Windows Store (see download link below). This game places you in a setting where you are the heroic Samurai and you must defend your village against hordes of zombies and demons. This game features leaderboards, push notifications, Share, achievements, and Live Tile support.

There are a few more games that have yet to be released, such as Fishdom 3, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, Field & Stream Fishing, Endless Skater, Doritos Crash Course Go!, The Harvest, Emily’s Wonder Wedding from GameHouse, Temple Run Brave, and Shuffle Party. You can read more about these games at the source link below.

These games are a welcome addition to the Windows 8 app catalog and great to see game developers creating visually stunning games for Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform. What games do you want to see on Windows 8?


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