New 'Forza Motorsports 6 Special Edition' Xbox One Console available for pre-order

Joseph Finney

New Forza Motorsports 6 Special Edition Console available for pre-order

Even with E3 in the rearview mirror, Microsoft continues to keep Xbox in the news. Most recently Microsoft announced the new Forza Motorsports 6 Limited Edition Xbox One console. Featuring a unique look and custom controller this new specialized Xbox One is a must have for serious Forza fans. Instead of the typical matte black of new 1TB Xboxes the Forza edition will be a rich bold color with racing stripes and the design continues to the controller as well.

The new console will be available on the same day as Forza Motorsports 6 which is September 15, 2015, but if you like what you see you can pre-order one today for $399 in the US. Buyers of the special edition console will also receive a digital copy of Forza 6. It seems like Microsoft has really turned up the heat in their competition with Sony and hopefully gamers get more choices and have more fun.