New unofficial Feedly client FeedLab lands in the Windows Phone Store

FeedLab app for Windows phones

A new Feedly client for Windows phones has arrived. Developed by ClevLab, this app has just recently been published to the Windows Phone Store after having been in private beta for two months with more than 4,500 beta testers. It's a really nice looking app, and is pretty easy to use and very intuitive. 

When I first opened the app, I was asked to sign in with a Google or Facebook account, but the app also has an option to sign in with a Microsoft, Twitter, or even Evernote account. It's pretty easy to add sites to your feed lists. Just search for the name of the site you want to add to your feed lists from the top right corner of the app and tap its name. From there you can choose to add the feed to an existing or a new list.

FeedLab search

Navigation on the app is also simple, using a hamburger menu a lot like what we've seen in Windows 10. On the navigation menu are locations for your home, saved articles, feed lists, and settings.

FeedLab navigation

There are plenty of settings for the app, including changing themes and notification settings. Changing the theme is a really nice feature of the app, and all three themes look really nice.

FeedLab settings

One thing that slightly bothered me is that you have to go into settings in order to modify or remove feeds and lists. It's not really annoying, I just think there could have been a more convenient way to modify your feed lists. 

The app also supports Cortana, so you can launch a new search within the app by using the personal digital assistant on Windows Phone. Here are the key features of the app:

  • Add the RSS feeds of your favorite websites, blogs, magazines and journals
  • Group your feeds in categories
  • Order and customize your categories as you wish
  • Customize the display of articles as you wish (only the title, with small or large images, or even large tiles)
  • Find the summary of each article, with the ability to continue the reading to the desired website
  • Discover optimized gestures to simplify your daily use
  • Live tiles: pin your favorite categories on the home screen of your phone
  • Via the speech feature, listen your articles
  • Launch a new search on FeedLab directly from Cortana

All in all, it's a pretty good app. I'd recommend it for anyone looking for a feed reader for their Windows Phone. You can download the app for free from the Windows Phone Store. If you don't like ads, you can pay $1.49 to remove them.

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