New features added to Windows Phone App Studio after 55k active projects exceeded expectations

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Microsoft recently unveiled the Windows Phone App Studio beta allowing newbies and experienced developers alike to develop an application of their own. The process consists of four easy steps, so you can get your app up and running. Today, Microsoft has revealed that the service has exceeded expectations and that more than 55,000 active projects are currently underway.

“To be honest, the response rate has been well above what we expected. In the first 48 hours we saw more than 20,000 people from all over the world kicking off more than 30,000 projects, and just a few hours ago we surpassed 55,000 active projects. We knew this tool would appeal to hobbyists and enthusiasts, but we didn’t expect quite so many to jump in so quickly. It’s been wonderful to see the enthusiasm.” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Microsoft has implemented a temporary access code system to ease the stress on the service. Simply head over to to signup.

Microsoft has also added a few new features to the Windows Phone App Studio beta. There are now functionality to add additional external data sources, improved code legibility, and the ability to use new templates. Microsoft has also added Flickr as a data source, so you can integrate your Flickr feeds into the apps you build. Microsoft has also improved the overall performance and scalability of the system.

For those who are new to developing on the Windows Phone platform, this program allows you to generate an app in four steps. Once you are done, you can download the newly created app in a file format that allows you to publish to the Windows Phone Store. For advanced developers, this program can allow for rapid prototyping and the ability to export the code and continue working in Visual Studio.

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