New Edge/Cortana feature spotted in unreleased Windows 10 Mobile builds: Snooze

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Microsoft's digital assistant Cortana has become more powerful and ubiquitous in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update as you can now find the AI right on the Windows 10 lockscreen as well as on the Xbox One in select markets. On Windows 10 Mobile, it seems that Cortana could also soon become more integrated in Microsoft Edge: according to a new report from, Microsoft is currently internally testing a "Snooze" feature that would allow Windows 10 Mobile users to set up Cortana reminders from any website, and you can see how it works in the video below:

While "Snooze" may be a curious way to call this feature, these reminders actually look like your standard Cortana reminder: tapping Snooze creates a reminder with a link to the chosen website and users can then add a title, person, place or time. Overall, this feature looks quite complementary to Microsoft Edge's reading list feature with the ability to add notifications and details about why you liked a specific web page.

It's not clear yet if this feature could be coming in upcoming Redstone 2 builds for both Windows 10 phones and PCs. Additionally, this feature could only work in markets where Cortana is currently available. Let us know in the comments if you would like this feature to be implemented in Microsoft Edge in the future.

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