New DevRant Windows 10 Mobile app rebrands after ending beta phase

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If you’re using the DevRant Unofficial app, you might want to head over to the Windows Store now and check for an update! DevRant an online forum available (officially) on iOS and Android where “developers can express how they really feel about code, tech, and the people that make programming super special (for better or worse).”

The developer has pushed out a new update for the app, and it drops the beta name while also adding in 40 new changes to the experience.

Overall, the update brings the app to version It also brings better support for the app on Redstone builds, and native support for GIFS. Other noteworthy changes include:

  • Out of Beta
  • Renamed to ‘devRant unofficial’
  •  New font
  • Double-tap to ++ a Rant or a Comment
  • Pull-To-Refresh in the Rant View

Check out the app page for the full list of improvements.
Have you had a chance to download the update yet? If not, be sure to check for an update now, or download the app via the link below. As always, once you’ve downloaded or updated, please do let us know what you think by dropping us a comment in the section below!

devRant unofficial
devRant unofficial
Developer: Jakub Steplowski
Price: Free

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