New details on Microsoft's restructuring unveiled, closer ties between Windows and Windows Phone -
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New details on Microsoft's restructuring unveiled, closer ties between Windows and Windows Phone

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Microsoft's company restructuring is already underway, but new details have emerged revealing which executives in the engineering aspect of the company will be leading the efforts for the company's most important products. Joe Belfiore, the man in charge of Windows Phone, will now oversee a group focused on phones, tablets and PCs.

"Within the Windows unit, Microsoft is pushing the phone, Xbox and PC efforts closer together. The company is also rejiggering the Windows leadership structure, with new posts for a number of longtime leaders and a number of familiar faces being dropped from the leadership ranks," AllthingsD stated in an report today.

No clear line separating a large phone from a small tablet or PC.

Terry Myerson, the Windows and Windows Phone boss, will have seven direct reports in the new restructuring. These include leaders for the development, test, and program management positions, as well as those heading the phone, tablet, PC, Xbox, and services departments. Individuals running the "future special projects" area will also report to him. Microsoft will also have a separate unit that will explore wearable computing, in which Myerson will oversee.

Julie Larson-Green, who took over as the Windows operating system boss when Sinofsky left, gave up that position to Terry Myerson. Larson-Green now runs the company's hardware division, which includes phones, tablets, PCs and Xbox.

Joe Belfiore, the man responsible for creating such an awesome Windows Phone product, will now add tablets and PCs to his mix. Microsoft is looking to remove the line that separates Windows on tablets/PCs and Windows Phone on smartphones. Marc Whitten, the man responsible for launching the Xbox One, will oversee the Xbox team on the software side.

"Microsoft is expected to tout the new structure as showing progress in moving once-disparate programming efforts closer together. Microsoft has already moved the software base behind its Xbox and phone efforts over to a Windows core, and is expected to further unify its approach over time," the report adds.

Microsoft seems to be working hard to separate hardware from software within the organization. "Although increasingly characterizing itself as a devices and services company rather than a software maker, Microsoft is keeping the parts of the company working on hardware separate from those making the software," the report adds.

Microsoft is expected to fully announce their organizational changes, when it comes to the Windows brand, later today.

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