New details emerge as Xbox One pre-orders arrive before launch

Xbox One

Xbox One isn’t slated for launch until November 22nd, but luckily for a few, or unluckily for Microsoft, it appears some Xbox One pre-orders have been delivered a little bit too early. The Xbox One consoles require a mandatory 500MB update before the console is usable, which has been confirmed in the past we just didn’t know its size.

With the consoles now in unofficial hands, gamers can finally begin checking out what Microsoft hasn’t talked about. For example, @moonslightwami on Twitter has revealed that Xbox One games can be rather big, with CoD: Ghosts being 39GB in size, and NBK2K14 being 41GB in size. Games can be played whilst being downloaded, but only once they pass the 50% mark.

At least one of the consoles which have been sent out early has been banned, this is most likely due to Microsoft trying to keep leaks on the minimum before launch, therefore the ban most likely isn’t permanent and the pre-ordered console should work fine on launch day.

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