New default wallpaper appears in latest development builds of Windows 8

New Windows 8 screenshots have today revealed that Microsoft has changed the default wallpaper in the latest development builds. This time, the wallpaper has received a dark, more military camouflage look. Will this be the default wallpaper for the Release Candidate?

It appears Microsoft isn’t keeping still when it comes to wallpapers in Windows 8. Today, new screenshots reveal that Microsoft have changed the default desktop wallpaper in the latest development builds of Windows 8.

What is strange about this wallpaper, is that it isn’t like Microsoft, never have they designed a wallpaper that’s dark and camouflage based. Microsoft could just be testing out the auto-colour theme in Windows 8, which is why they may have gone for a darker colour.

It is currently unknown if this wallpaper will be the official desktop wallpaper for the Windows 8 Release Candidate, we would expect Microsoft to go a little brighter before hand.

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