New cursors and tweaked UI appearing in latest Windows 8 development builds

A rather interesting screenshot was leaked onto the internet today, revealing some new changes and additions to some of the latest development builds of Windows 8. The leaked screenshot reveals brand new cursors and UI tweaks, which make Windows 8 more Metro UI than ever before!

The screenshot reveals new dropdown and button UI on the default Aero theme. We’ve already seen the “flattened” window captions in recent screenshots. So it does appear that Microsoft is moving Aero into Metro as best as they can.

Also revealed in this screenshot, is the new Aero cursors. The actual pointer hasn’t changed, but the aura loading circle has. It has been redesigned to match Metro a little more, Microsoft loves Metro.

Buttons have also been tweaked a little bit, they now look more flattened as they did in the Windows Consumer Preview basic theme.

The latest known build of Windows 8 currently sits at 8370, which was compiled on the 28th April 2012.

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