New commercial pits Cortana vs Siri; Siri gets Dot View envy

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HTC One M8 for Windows Dot View case

Having taken so much time to develop what they consider to be the ‘ultimate’ personal assistant, Microsoft are understandably eager to show off ‘Cortana’ and ‘her’ prowess.

In the latest ad for the HTC One M8 for Windows, Cortana is seen giving the lame-duck of modern voice assistants, Siri, the business. Cortana is shown as playful, coy and intelligent, whereas Siri is a little slow and more obviously artificial in her limitations. Whether attempting to get revenge for the infamous PC vs Mac ads from years past, or picking on Siri because she is the easiest target (at least among voice assistants), one sure thing is that the team at Redmond appear to be enjoying themselves, maybe a little too much.

Of course, HTC also come off pretty well. The Dot View cover and all of its fancy features are given the full run through, especially the ability to interact seamlessly with Cortana even if the case is closed. Check out the video below.

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