King's Quest is a new chapter-based game coming to Xbox One

Brad Stephenson

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New chapter-based game, King's Quest coming to Xbox One

Telltale Games may have popularized the chapter-based release format with their hits like The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us but that hasn’t stopped other game developers from attempting to imitate their success with similar releases.

Developed by The Odd Gentlemen, King’s Quest is a new game set to release over a period of months in several installments. Like Telltale’s Games’ titles, King’s Quest will start with its first volume which contains the initial chapter/level of the overall game’s storyline and each subsequent volume will be available individually upon their release. Gamers can purchase the King’s Quest: Season Pass which contains chapters 2 through 5 (so is best purchased after sampling the first chapter by itself) or the King’s Quest: The Complete Collection which essentially pre-orders all chapters, 1 through 5 and includes an exclusive Epilogue chapter/level unavailable separately or with the Season Pass.

The game’s story is set in a medieval kingdom called, Daventry and involves an aging King called, Graham reflecting on events of his youth. King’s Quest is classified as an Action & Adventure title which suggests that it will be a lot more involving game than Telltale’s titles which do feature some action but for the most part are the digital equivalents of a Choose Your Own Adventure novel.

Will you be giving King’s Quest a go and if so, how will you be buying it? Each chapter at a time or through the Season Pass or The Complete Collection? Let us know in the comments below.