New Call of Duty: Modern Warfare shakes things up with cross play support

Kareem Anderson

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While some in the gaming community have become burnt out on the seemingly endless iterations of Call of Duty or Battlefield titles, there are far more who regularly enjoy new installments year after year.

To that point, it’s presumably also a chore for studios to give customers added value propositions going into almost the 16th year of the franchise as in the case with Call of Duty.

However, it seems Activision may have a new trick up its sleeve with the release of its latest Call of Duty Modern Warfare game that involves cross-play support.

In addition to some beefed up graphics, gameplay and new story arcs, gamers across PlayStation 4, Windows PCs and Xbox One’s will now be able to play multiplayer missions with one another, according to a spokesperson from Infinity Ward as they spoke with Polygon.

Out of the gate, Infinity Ward clarified that Modern Warfare will be prioritizing console to PC cross-play support with, perhaps, console to console support coming sometime down the road.

Another new change coming with the release of Modern Warfare will be the removal of “traditional season pass.” In a nod to frustrated gamers, Infinity Ward will be doing away with Season Pass in order to deliver more free and post-launch content to players across several platforms.

It isn’t clear how Infinity Ward plans to recoup the revenue from the Season pass, be it more in-game transactions or DLC’s but for now, gamers can breathe a small sigh of relief from CoD tax.

For now, much of the other long-standing business practices will remain in place despite cross-play support that also include PlayStation 4 exclusive content releases.

Call Of Duty” Modern Warfare is scheduled to be released on October 25, but we’re expecting to see more information about the game, its new cross-play support and other revenue generating mechanisms highlighted during E3 2019.