New Designer Bluetooth Desktop keyboard and mouse combo available for pre order from Microsoft

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Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop

Another Bluetooth keyboard from Microsoft will soon be available, this one stylishly thin. The most recently announced keyboard is aimed at desktop users and comes with a mouse. The new keyboard and mouse connect via Bluetooth 4.0 and do not require a USB dongle.

The new keyboard and mouse combination is called the ‘Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop.’ The set can be pre ordered now and are currently listed at $99.95. Unlike other Microsoft keyboards that are aimed at mobile costumers, the Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop is aimed to be a complete set up for desktop users without crowding their desk with large devices. In a Windows Blog post, the keyboard and mouse are working with a Dell XPS 27 All-in-One and look like a minimalist keyboard and mouse set up with a full set of features.

Microsoft Universal Desktop Keyboard

The keyboard is very thin and features a full range of function and media keys and a number pad. In the post Brandon LeBlanc stated that the keyboard “has chiclet-style soft touch keys for robust typing and also has media keys to control playback of your music and videos. It includes Function Keys for things like quick access to Search. And it also has a built-in number pad.” The keyboard also has a slightly rounded wedge on the back to ensure that it remains at an angle.

The mouse seems rather basic but as the keyboard is purposefully made as a desktop keyboard, it does not have a trackpad so coming with a mouse is a nice feature, if not a necessity. The mouse works on most surfaces and is symmetrical so there won’t be any discomfort for righties or lefties.

Microsoft has become a larger player in the keyboard game recently. They announced that Bluetooth keyboards will be compatible with Windows Phone devices, and unsurprisingly will soon be selling multiple keyboards. The Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop is for desktops while the Universal Mobile Keyboard and Universal Foldable Keyboard are aimed at tablet and phone users.

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