New black Surface Headphones revealed in leaked official Microsoft video

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft Surface Headphones

In a bit of very bizarre timing, a leaked official video showcasing a black variant of Microsoft’s Surface Headphones has found its way online via longtime Microsoft news leaker and Twitter user, WalkingCat.

The video, which you can watch below, appears to be an official commercial for the unannounced black Surface Headphones.

While a black version of the Surface Headphones had always been expected by pretty much everyone, what’s surprising about this video is that it wasn’t shown during Microsoft’s Surface event which happened less than 24 hours ago.

It’s unclear why the video wasn’t shown and the new Surface Headphones weren’t announced but it’s likely that Microsoft simply didn’t want these cool black headphones to overshadow the announcement of the brand new Surface product category that the Surface Earbuds created.

The event was also well over an hour long and had a lot of major announcements, such as the Surface Neo and Surface Duo, so it’s possible that the black Surface Headphones were simply cut to prevent the audience and the media from being too overwhelmed with numerous reveals.

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