New batch of Nokia and Microsoft project codenames leak

New batch of Nokia and Microsoft project codenames leak

No quite had your fill of Windows Phone news? The impending launch of Windows Phone 8.1 not enough for you? How about some new Nokia codenames to set your mind racing? Trusted leaker @evleaks has revealed the names of eight products that Nokia supposedly has in development.

There are no details about where the codenames came from, and the names themselves give very little away — what is it possible to discern from the name ‘Peridot’, for instance? As for time schedules and release dates… well… it’s anyone’s guess, really.

At the moment there is no word on precisely what products these codenames might be associated with, so it’s time to start making your guesses. How many of them are traditional handsets, and how many are tablets? Could there be a few phablets thrown in there?

Windows Phone Central has also published a few Microsoft codenames into the mix. As with the Nokia batch, there’s nothing to go on besides the names themselves: Hughes, Adcock, Capers, Galway and Dublin give very information, but it will be interesting to see what products they relate to — WPC does reveal that “some are accessories”, but for more information we’re just going to have to wait a little longer.

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