New batch of integrated OS mobile devices coming out from Microsoft; is Surface Mini in the cards?


According to sources, a wide range of mobile devices with a screen display just under 8.5-inches will be coming from Microsoft this June. These expected devices will be running on a new integrated operating system which is said to be a hybrid of Windows RT and Windows Phone. 

With the purported display size, Microsoft will be targeting both the smartphone and tablet segments. Given its slow paced market traction, it won't impact the software vendor much, sources explain. The devices are expected to be showcased at the popular tech event Computex Taipei 2014, which will be held between June 3-7. 

Will the long rumored Surface Mini be a part of this batch? Microsoft representatives won’t confirm. But the company is indeed working on such products, that’s something which has been heard many times recently. “We have a lot of great things that we are thinking about and working on, and there are multiple aspect ratios and sizes and awesome things to come from Surface.” said Panos Panay, Corporate VP of Microsoft, to GeekWire last year.

Another thing of interest is the OS that these expected devices are said to be running. Recently the leaked Windows Phone 8.1 SDK also suggested a coupling between the RT and Windows Phone apps. But so far, any sort of unification between Windows Phone and Windows 8 seems blurry.

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