New apps for Windows 8.1 revealed during Build 2013, includes Foursquare and Rhapsody apps

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Rhapsody app

During the Build 2013 Day 2 keynote, Microsoft announced that more “popular” apps were coming to the Windows Store. Just yesterday, Microsoft rolled out the Windows 8.1 Preview to Windows 8 users across the globe.

Microsoft revealed that several new apps were either being released now or in the works. The software giant mentioned that the top Disney titles were already available in the Windows Store for Windows 8, including Temple Run Brave and Where’s My Mickey. However, thats not all. Microsoft also revealed that more exciting new Disney titles were on their way to the Windows Store.

“I’m excited to announce that Disney is bringing more top games to Windows and Windows Phone that our customers love and want. Avengers Initiative, Monsters University, Temple Run: Oz and Wreck It Ralph are coming to the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store this Fall and Toy Story Smash It! is also coming to the Windows Store this Fall,” Microsoft’s Steve Guggenheimer stated in an official blog post.

Other apps that are expected soon include the all new exclusive Foursquare app for Windows 8. This app features check-ins via location data “in a beautiful way to help users find interesting places and things to do around them.” No word on when this app would be released for download.

The OpenTable app for Windows 8 allows users to make reservations at restaurants, directly from your device. “With one glance at the main hub, you get an instant view of available tables nearby with “tonight for 2”, upcoming reservations, as well as favorite and recently viewed restaurants,” Microsoft explains. There is also a Rockmelt app for Windows 8 that lets you discover the “best” stories, pictures, and videos across the internet. “It’s a beautifully designed app that has some unique features for Windows users. You can scroll endlessly. Tap on any tile to see the full story,” Microsoft explains.

Finally, there is the Rhapsody app for Windows 8. This app brings the service to life in a visually stunning way thanks to Windows 8. “You can discover new music and finding old favorites is fun and intuitive, with cool features like semantic zoom and pinning tracks, albums and playlists,” Microsoft explained.

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