New App for Windows 10 Mobile operating system: Whitepages ID

Arif Bacchus

Back at the Mobile World Congress, Whitepages announced a partnership with Samsung which would provide Galaxy s7 users with a Whitepages Caller ID feature to help users identify unknown callers and protect them from Spam.  Today, Whitepages has launched a similar experience for Windows 10 Mobile, the Whitepages ID app.

Using Whitepage’s industry leading database for contact information, the app will protect you from the almost endless scam calls and any spam texts coming from mobile phones. It also allows you to easily report malicious calls and help the Whitepages community build a list of bad numbers.  In addition, while calling, the app uses a social media feature (from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn,) which allows you to see the profile photo, job title, and city information for the person on the other end of the line.

As per the app listing, some other key features for the app include:

  • Caller ID: Only take calls from people you want to talk to. Take calls from friends not in your phone book. Never miss an important call from someone trying to get in touch.
  • Call Blocker: Black list spam, scams, and annoying telemarketer or political calls and send them straight to voice mail.
  • Scam & Spam Protection: Alerts automatically appear to warn you if an incoming call is suspected spam. Easily report spam callers, scams, and SMS spam to stop them from contacting other users in the Whitepages community.
  • True Contacts: Add names and addresses from the Whitepages directory to your phone book contacts to keep them true, complete and up to date.
  • Save Money: Reduce the amount of minutes that unknown calls and unknown text messages use up.

With 4 billion calls made every day in the US, and spam calls rising by 35% in 2015, this app will most definitely give you peace of mind and confidence when answering calls or texts. If you’re interested in staying away from the spam, and are looking to download this app, you can check it out at the link below.

Whitepages ID
Whitepages ID
Developer: WhitePages Inc.
Price: Free